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Lyle McDonald Live Webinar + Q&A

Woman's Physiology

Everything you need to know about PCOS, Menopause, Exercise and Nutrition.

In this seminar you will learn to design effective nutrition plan and exercise programs with the optimum type, duration and frequency for:

  • combat osteoporosis
  • changes in body composition
  • improvement of cardiovascular risk
  • alleviate Menopause and peri-menopause Symptoms
  • Improve the overall quality of life in postmenopausal women
  • Diet for PCOS treatment
  • PCOS and obesity
  • PCOS and lowering insulin sensitivity
Camp Your Fitness Education - Coaching - Live webinar - Womans Physiology
Duaration: 3 Hours (2.5 hours lecture & 30 minutes Q&A)
Language:  English
Cost for Live: 30 € (with coupon -50% for On Demand)
Cost for On Demand: 60 € (*available end of March 2021)
Time: April 25, 2021 / 05:00 pm - 08:00  pm EET
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Speaker Profile

Camp Your Fitness Education - Coaching - Live webinar Speaker - Lyle McDonald

Lyle McDonald

Physiologist and author @Bodyrecomposition
Lyle McDonald is a physiologist and author who has spent over a decade obsessively finding ways to apply cutting-edge scientific research to sports nutrition, fat loss and muscle growth.

Lyle McDonald became interested in the science of exercise and nutrition in high school through his involvement in martial arts, triathlon, gymnastics and weight training. This led him to pursue a bachelor's of science degree in Kinesiology from the University of California at Los Angeles. The curriculum included an overwhelming amount of basic human physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, endocrinology as well as coursework in exercise physiology, biomechanics and nutrition. After graduation in 1993, he got involved in personal training in a variety of settings. From this time until the present is when he really learned about some of the realities about training, nutrition etc.
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28 April 2021
Lyle McDonald - Woman's Physiology II

Everything you need to know about PCOS, Menopause, Exercise and Nutrition. In this seminar you will learn to design effective nutrition plan and exercise programs with the optimum type, duration and frequency for:

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29 March 2021
Dan John - Coaching is more than "Do this."

And problems in coaching are much more than that great answer "It depends." Applying good programming to people from general population to elite athletes demands a method... a way to think.

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12 March 2021
Nick Tumminello - Physical Preparation (Pre-Season) - MMA/BJJ Strength & Conditioning

An online webinar on Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning Program for MMA/BJJ Fighters. Nick said: I can’t guarantee that every fighter who works with me will win. But, I can guarantee that if they loose, it will NOT be due to a lack of conditioning.

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