12 March 2021

Nick Tumminello - Physical Preparation (Pre-Season) - MMA/BJJ Strength & Conditioning

An online webinar on Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning Program for MMA/BJJ Fighters.

Nick said:

I can’t guarantee that every fighter who works with me will win. But, I can guarantee that if they loose, it will NOT be due to a lack of conditioning.

There's a lot of information out there about how you should train for a fight when you're in Camp, but not a lot of information about how you should train when you don't have a fight coming up. That's what my seminars about.

I'm going to give you my complete program design system for how to Train MMA fighters, whether you're just recreational or a professional and amateur.

When you don't have a fight coming up, so the long-term programming system. I'm going to give that to you. So it's through you're going to join me with Rocco and Camp 10 Sunday, February 21st.

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